Fogging Fog Fogs Up My Week-End

Last week the weather was gorgeous, sunny, mild (for winter). My friends and I had plans for the week-end, we wanted to go to a venue about 45 km from here, it was all set and it sounded promising.

Then I woke up on Saturday ‘morning’ (well, let’s say it was morning) and, looking out of the window, I thought it was me, maybe I had forgotten my glasses? It was all white and I could barely see the tree out of my window… I knew we were not going to make it, the fog would stay… I know 45 km is not much, but with that kind of wall to see through, it would take forever. I cursed all the cursable.

But here’s what is left behind:

The white icy coat is quite impressive and one of the nicest features of a dull season like winter, I like the contrast with the black trunks, it looks as if it were staged, but these are not black-and-white pictures.

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