Funny things happen when you’re around

I was browsing through some old pictures recently and I came across some taken during a walk on Hadrian’s Wall in Northern England. I clearly remember that day: the weather was gorgeous and I was with a couple of dear friends, I can still see the sun shining on the long blonde hair of one of them.

A gentle breeze was blowing and it was really pleasant to walk beside (and on) the ancient ruins, we stopped for a snack and some tea (so very English) and we looked at the sheep in the distant fields. We talked about Robin Hood, the movie with Kevin Costner, which was filmed partly in the area, and about the sycamore featured in one of the scenes.

The scenery was grand and there weren’t many people around. We reached a pub in a tiny village and had Sunday Roast, the veggies were lovely and we were having a good time. And then it happened.

We were about to leave the place when a couple of new customers came in. Completely naked except for the walking boots and huge backpacks. And weird as it may sound, they took a seat and got two pints. An old gentleman looked at me and commented: “They come in of all kinds in here…” and turned back to his pint.

And we were off.

But my question lingers: if they don’t wear clothes what on earth do they carry in the huge backpack??

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