Confessions of an impulse traveller

Sometimes I think I am a bit like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. I seem to be peaceful and happy (or at least settled) and then I am caught by a sudden feeling, I need to go, I have to find somewhere to explore, I just cannot stay here any longer, I have to move.

A couple of years ago I had been working quite hard for some time when the need struck me, so I had a look on the internet for something silly to do, and I found it: I bought a ticket for a concert of a group I didn’t even know very well. In Glasgow. And it was such fun! I really liked the city and the concert was brilliant! I was even so lucky that Glasgow was sunny for almost the whole of my stay, and locals told me it is rare 🙂

I really liked Glasgow, it is not really beautiful, but I loved the lively atmosphere and I loved the fact that there were so many events to choose from, and the people were friendly.

The funny thing is that, as soon as I got the concert and the plane tickets, I got an announcement saying the band had scheduled new dates, one of them right close to where I live two weeks after the Glasgow gig… My mum’s comment: “Well, you can go to that one too” And I actually did.

When I am traveling I am a very random person, I can decide to do something on a whim, or just because I hear someone saying it can be interesting… Once I was in Denmark, I bought a book and I started reading it and I was enjoying it so much that I decided to visit Esbjerg, the place on the Jutland coast where the author lived for a while. When I arrived at the train station I had a look around and thought it was not so interesting after all, so I got onto the next train back and stopped in Odense. It was really lucky I did, because at the hostel that night I met a girl who was to become one of my best friends!

Now I am feeling a little restless, I think I can feel spring is approaching even under the coat of snow that has just covered my area… Any suggestion of something silly to do in Europe?

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