Something Wrong With Me?

cartoon kids in a row


I have entered that age when all your mates are married and having children, but I am still single, and I don’t think the situation will ever change. I have no problem with that, I like being alone and I am able to use the drill, should I need to hang a shelf.

My friends are of course happy and proud of their offspring, but are wise enough not to invite me to christenings and birthday parties, however I feel there must be something wrong with me.

I visit them from time to time and I get in touch with the babies, but I have to fake enthusiasm: to me, small children are all the same (even if not size-wise). I see my colleagues and acquaintances raving about newborn babies, and getting dreamy eyes, I see my friends really willing to hold them and not willing to let them go, I hear my girlfriends talking about the children they would like to have. I don’t feel like that, I don’t dislike them, but they leave me neutral.

The more girls I hear talking about children, the more I feel like something must be missing from my configuration. Where other women have motherly feelings, I must have something else; what? No idea.

I have never liked dolls, never liked to play “house” or anything like that. I liked microscopes, tearing things apart and then trying to put them back together, I liked Lego and roaming in the fields. I guess I was a bit of a tomboy, and I suppose I still must be. But is it really natural, or is peer pressure making all the gals go crazy for kids?

What I have noticed is that the more I see people posting links and status on their Facebook walls saying how much better they are because they are parents, the more irritable I become. I can appreciate they are happy, I just do not understand why they feel entitled to state they are better than other people, only because they managed to mate and produce a kid.

Of course, not all parents are like that, but the few that are make up for all the rest.