I am a sucker for design

I have been in London recently and I was walking around when I got my eyes on these little beauties:



They are the Sound Square and the Juice Cube.

The Sound Square is a portable loudspeaker compatible with many devices, including iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android phones and so on.

Sound Cube

It connects via Bluetooth or through the supplied micro-USB-3,5mm-USB cable. It is really easy to operate: just turn on the Bluetooth setting and it makes a funny sci-fi robot sound, turn on your device’s Bluetooth and when you find SoundSq, pair it. If you prefer, you can use the supplied cable to connect the loudspeaker to a sound exit.

Bluetooth ON

You can adjust the volume through your your device. The Sound Cube holds a lithium battery that can last for 6 hours on Bluetooth or 10 hours with cable connection, then you can recharge it via the supplied cable connected to either your PC or a USB charger.

It even comes with its own little drawstring bag, where you can keep it while on the road.

The sound quality is good for such a tiny thing! I didn’t expect much, but I was surprised to find out it is actually OK, though of course, no Bose sound system. It is good when you are travelling, or when you have limited space (or money).

Its little brother is an emergency battery for when you run out of juice on your smart devices while out and about. It is a tiny plastic cube with a mini-USB socket for charging it and a regular USB socket for charging your desired device.

Juice Cube

In the box you’ll find a USB cable with several tips according to your desired device, but you can, of course, use the device’s original USB cable.

If you shake the cube, the four LEDs on its back turn on according to how much power is left. Neat!



(sorry it’s blurred, but that’s the best I could do)

You charge the 2000 mAh cube at home, through the mini-USB, and when you need it, you can connect it to your device and it immediately starts charging like it does when connected to the mains. It holds a full charge for my iPhone and about 25% leftover.

Both items are designed by British company Gusto (www.gustotelecom.com), and “ethically made in China”; they come in several fun colours: classic black and white, fuchsia, blue, green, red and yellow.

I loved them so much, I had to stop myself from buying different ones. They are good quality and feel solid in your hands, and I think their performance is also solid for their price range.

I am happy of my purchase!


On going away

I have been willing to move out of my country for some time now. My freelance experience, which I loved, crashed against non-paying customers, my new job is drab, the general situation doesn’t leave much to be hoped. I think the time has come.

I put my CV online on several sites for people who speak more than one language.

I signed up at the EURES site, which requires you to complete a very thorough profile before you are allowed to make your CV public. And then what happens? If I do not not log into my account for more than a week, it doesn’t recognise the password! I am sure it is correct, as I have a place where I write them all down, but the silly site refuses it each time! It’s really frustrating.

As if I were not frustrated enough. I just want to get out of here, and I guess that, soon enough, I will just resign and get away. Yes, even if it’s not the right time to do it, even if it’s not the right age to do it. I don’t want to waste my life on menial tasks, leaving all the good things I know for later, when this later is not likely to come, unless I just throw everything upside down.

I am just fed up of working in the “unwanted jobs rescue office”.

OK, now my rant is over, I can go back to browsing employment sites. Wish me good luck