<3 the envelope

I have just been away for a week-end with cabin luggage and I have had the chance to try the Eagle Creek Pack-it Specter Folder I have just bought (and talked about here).
Well, it was fantastic! I left home with a dress neatly folded in it, but then I went shopping (it was planned) and I managed to fit 3 dresses and 2 skirts in it, with some leftover room for other things, if I needed it. I am really glad I bought it, even if, at first I disregarded it and focussed on the cubes, and didn’t think it would be so useful in compressing my clothes, while keeping them wrinkle-free.
When I took the dress out, at first it showed compression marks where the folds were, but it immediately became wearable.

The only thing I am not too happy about is the Velcro, as, when the folder is full, part of the stiff side remains exposed and catches into ‘Velcro-friendly’ things. But this is my only quibble.

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