I think they want my soul

I work in a corporate, and I do not particularly like it.
The whole company was acquired by an even bigger group last year and now all the new policies and work groups have started to be rolled out.

Teams supposed to handle different subjects have been created, but I find the common gist of the whole business is to make all employees centred only on the company, to make them have friends only in here, to make them totally dependent, not only for their salary.

I find this totally wrong and perverted. I am paid to perform a series of tasks during my work hours, and I do, I do stay longer when necessary, I do my best when working. I think the company cannot ask me to come on a Saturday “to socialise” with colleagues, to go out for dinner “to show my pride in working here” and other such things.
Now they even want to make a virtual wall, where we are supposed to talk about ourselves, about our lives. Well, it’s none of your business!!

It’s creepy how they try to sneak into people’s heads so that they can have the perfect slaves, the slaves willing to be enslaved in a sort of Stockholm syndrome.

I may be paranoid, but this feeling doesn’t leave me. And I think they are not going to obtain the results they are hoping for, as I have overheard many colleagues complaining about this. Instead of making us all love the company, they are making everyone less and less interested.

Is this a trend only in my company, or is this the general approach? I know that maybe I should not complain, as I have a job and it’s quite a feat in this period, but if they want my soul in exchange, I think it’s not a good deal.