Accidentally IT

I started working in this company one and a half years ago, and after six months they decided to appoint me IT supervisor. “What? Me? The translation girl with a degree in Foreign Languages?”

Well, they really meant it, as I was the one in the office who had the best understanding of PCs, besides the old IT supervisor… I have a strange affinity with PC logics, so maybe it was not a bad choice. However I took a course in system administration, just to know what I was dealing with, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it, it was interesting and even fun, working with virtual machines and creating our own virtual network that we could play with. We turned the computer on, and a whole different world opened its doors for us, a world with several layers. Oh yes, I really liked being an administrator!

Then I went back to work and realized how, being in a corporate, my powers were very limited. Ouch! All the fun things were reserved for people in higher positions, but I could still tamper with single computers.

Then we had to change all the PCs in the plant and I had to set them up and physically install them in the old ones’ places, which involved running around the plant in safety gear carrying big cardboard boxes.

But most of my tasks were “software tasks” which can be dealt with from the office. Well, that’s IT, isn’t it? Another language in my portfolio.

Not exactly. I spent last week helping to change the switches placed around the plant, carrying even larger cardboard boxes, learning how to make network cables and how to test them, how to work with fiber optics without breaking it, and generally getting dirty.

That’s a side of IT that I never took into consideration. But it’s been quite fun (for a week).

I had always thought of IT as brainy guys sitting in a room with loads of screens, but it’s not always the case, it seems. Ha, the dire fate of stereotypes.