Cards. Gimme More.

As you may have gathered I am in a “card moment” right now. I have created some interesting ones for Christmas using a white background with green and red accents, which – I think – looks cheerful but not brash.

So here’s the first one: Nesting Squares again, Craft Concepts’ Merry Christmas embossing folder, Quickutz ornament die.


For this one I used the card die from the Quickutz Spring Special Delivery set, the Sizzix Christmas embossing folder and the Quickutz Doublecutz Gift die.


Sorry for the pics, lighting is less than perfect…

Quickutz Rehab Ahead

I have loved playing with paper and crafting in general ever since I was a little girl. I cannot remember where I got a hint of the existence of origami from, but I clearly remember that I asked my parents for an origami book for my 7th or 8th birthday. That interest has never faded, even if sometimes a long period goes by without me touching the nice 6″ squares…

The things I fold have changed over time and now I like flowers a lot, especially because you can easily arrange them around the house; and boxes. I like the challenge of folding many modules and then assembling them without using glue or anything, like a 3-D jigsaw – well the truth is sometimes they make me crazy and I start a cursing fit, but the results are always worth it.

Some years ago I was visiting Edinburgh and I saw a Fiskars Mini Shape Boss in a craft store. I was immediately intrigued and thought I could make good use of it to make decorated cards, and that was the start of my love affair with dry embossing.

The process with Shape Boss is completely manual: you have different stencils and a stylus and you create the designs. The advantage is that it’s very versatile, as you can decide which part of the stencil to use and you can create different arrangements, however it’s very time consuming and tiring when you make several cards.

I really like the look of dry embossing, so I even bought the Texture Plates and Texturing Tool, but that proved to be less than ideal for texturing large surfaces.

I also got some punches with different shapes to make my cards more interesting, but I always felt that the limits were too tight.

Then along came the Cuttlebug! I got this again as a birthday present and I thought I was going to use it mostly for embossing using the folders. The choice was huge and I spent hours browsing eBay stores looking at all those interesting designs and that’s how I got to know Quickutz/Lifestyle Crafts.

I needed some basic shapes that I could use to cut¬†cardboard into¬†card bases (you see, I live in a small town in Italy and card making is not such a popular hobby around here) and I came across the different Nesting Shapes, which I preferred over the Spellbinders as there are more sizes in one set. And that was it, I was hooked! Quickutz design style really appeals to me, as it’s simple yet “adult”, quirky sometimes. Now I have entered a tunnel where I keep buying cutting dies as they are so cute and may, some day, be useful and you find them cheap online…

I need rehab.

Birthday card

Some time ago a friend asked me to create a birthday card for his father. This triggered a few ideas. The first one is related to the fact that the guy likes gardening and tulips in particular.

So I decided to create a green background, cutting it in my Cuttlebug with the Quickutz Nesting Squares, then I embossed it with a grass pattern (Fiskars Texture Plates), leaving a plain border. Then I took out my Quickutz Doublekutz Tulip and punched stems in different shades of green and calixes in different colours; using the same green paper I cut the Rainbow Alphabet, and here’s the result!

I am sorry for the quality of the picture, but I had to use the scanner instead of the camera.

I hope you like it