Light Is The Way To Go

I have taken photos for ages, not very special ones, just souvenirs of the places I’ve seen, the people I’ve met, the silly things we’ve done together. Some turned out really good, some less so, but I’ve kept them all.

I have asked people to take pictures of me, sometimes, but very rarely as not many were able to fiddle with manual focusing, so they invariably turned out blurred and useless.

Then I went digital and everything was easier, I was able to see them immediately and check if they were fine or not.

I had (well I still have) a really cool Olympus mju stylus, which is the perfect camera to always take with you and has the best design I have seen so far. But it has limits.

Enter a bridge camera. I loved its versatility, but it also had limits.

So a couple of years ago I bought my first DSLR: quite a learning curve, even being already used to manual settings and aperture or shutter speed priority. But I really love the possibilities, the image quality, the manual zoom ring on the lens, the wide angle, the viewfinder. I love the sound of the lifting mirror when you press the shutter button. I bought a nice and comfortable backpack and I drag it around everywhere I go.

The problem is I love to travel, I often get away just for the week end, and low cost companies only allow one item of hand luggage most of the times, so how can I fit my nice padded camera backpack into my main backpack, and leave room for clothes too? Or, more precisely, fit into the weight requirements?

I have been considering a mirrorless camera for a while, and now I caved in. After a really tough job I thought I deserved a gift, so I bought a PEN E-PL3 with double lens kit (I found a real bargain on this, which was lucky). It is actually quite a bit smaller than my DSLR, especially when the 14-42 kit lens is retracted in “transport position”, even if the 40-150 is just as long as my DSLR lens, although it is slightly thinner and lighter.

I have played around a bit with it and I quite like it, but I still have to get used to it, especially to the missing viewfinder (I often find myself taking the camera to my eye 🙂 ), but I think it may be a good compromise between flexibility and image quality on one side and size on the other.

Am I ready to ditch my DSLR? No, not at all, but I think I will use the PEN a lot more than I have used the stylus lately; I just cannot go back to a smaller sensor, and I am sure I would have regretted not having the possibility to switch lenses, had I bought a point-and-shoot to travel with.

I’ll keep you posted on my experience.